Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ESPN Declares Cable

Based on a "source close to another candidate," Michael Smith has, by process of elimination, deduced that Tom Cable will be named head coach of the Oakland Raiders. Of course the worst PR man - or the one with the worst job (a combination of both?) - in the business, John Herrera, vehemently denies that the decision has been made, while simultaneously pointing out how ridiculous the Raider hiring process is:

"The decision has not been made," Herrera said. "That's not correct. At some point here we will have a head coach, but as of now that decision has not been made. We are assembling a staff as you know, but a decision on the head man has not been made."

Hopefully the Raiders will not go overboard with their denials and push another coach to take a position on Denver's staff.

Schefter agrees with Smith that Al has made up his mind, but adds a caveat: "It also should be noted that team owner Al Davis is the original maverick, and he has been known to unexpectedly change his mind."

David White disagrees on a technicality, and guesses that the Raiders will wait until Tuesday to make it official. He also reports that Hackett is now QB coach and that Mike Haluchak from the Browns may come in for a DC interview, following John Marshall.

Correction: Haluchak for LB coach...and per David White he and Marshall are expected to be hired, leaving the offensive coordinator post to be filled.

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john said...

I saw the report on SportsCenter, and Stuart Scott made a point, after the report, to say, "ESPN Contacted the Raiders, who denied the report."

Go Ombudsman