Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Round NFL Playoff Picks, by Sllaacs

Interesting that Mike Singletary canned Mike Martz.  Not surprising though.  Singletary has an offensive vision that is much closer to what Mike Nolan was running with Norv Turner as O.C. (Power Running Game) than Martz's aggressive passing attack.  Who is to run the offense now?  Hopefully Singletary.  Hopefully, Mike Singletary will hire a decent O.C., I don't care who, and then make the play calls himself, based on the O.C.'s suggestions, and not just sit back and spectate on the sidelines as Nolan did.  The old "well the Offensive Coordinator made the call, so I went with it", argument has grown stale here at this section of the The Cloak.

Playoff Picks:

Atlanta Falcons @ Arizona Cardinals:

First playoff came since 1998 for the Cardinals, and they get to host it.  They have the 3rd-ranked passing attack and MVP Candidate Kurt Warner (he didn't win it), but in the playoffs, the rushing attack generally becomes paramount to success.  I will go with Matt Ryan and Michael Turner on the road 28-17 over the Cardinals.  How does an Atlanta vs. Miami Super Bowl grab ya? 

Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers:

A Defense that has allowed the fewest passing touchdowns in a 16-game schedule in NFL history, with a red hot MVP in Peyton Manning , and a 9-game winning streak has this team resembling a Steam Roller.  
Regular season underachievement's  aside, the Chargers have won four in a row and are in the Playoffs, hosting no less.  They have beaten the Colts 2 of the last 3 times they have faced each other.  Phillip Rivers is great, and LaDainian Tomlinson will play.  I pick the Colts on the road, 24-21 over the Chargers.

Baltimore Ravens @ Miami Dolphins:

The Dolphins went from laughing-stocks (1-15) last year to home-field (AFC East Champs) in the Playoffs against the Ravens this year.  Much like the Falcons, there has been such a quick turn-around with Miami that Sllaacs is still not 100% convinced that this season's success will be long term.  Anyhow, I like the consistently strong-to-dominating defenses put forth by the Ravens over the past 5 years over the Newbs from Florida.  Baltimore over the Ravens 17-9.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Minnesota Vikings:

Gus Frerotte or Tavaris Jackson?  Does it matter?  The Vikes have the #1 ranked run defense and the Eagle's Donovan McNabb has had his troubles when forced to throw this season.  Can Philly run the ball on offense enough to keep Minnesota honest and give McNabb a decent chance at moving the chains?  Yes, says Sllaacs.  Philly will do this thing, just like they did that thing last week against the Cowboys.  Eagles over the Vikings 30-16.

P.S.  Oh, the Warriors...  The Warriors...


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