Friday, January 23, 2009

Great Googily Moogily - Updated

We interrupt this scintillating Raider Coach Watch to note that Herm Edwards has been fired by the Chefs. And who does the Professional Liar say is ready to replace him?

The beady-eyed devil himself, Mike Shanahan.

If it comes to pass, the hallowed "Raider Week" tradition in Kansas City is likely not to disappear. And perhaps my Bronco-loving in-laws will come to appreciate what a slimy dirtbag Shanahan really is.

Update: Interesting to see how much softer the tone has become at the link above during the afternoon. The original comment from Mort was that the Chiefs were "near" a deal to hire Shanahan, and it read like they were merely waiting for the ink to dry on the contract. Now it attributes the "near" comment to "one source," while Mort is reporting that the Chiefs are merely "targeting" Shanahan. In that very article it now states that Adam Schefter "is reporting that there is no chance he will be the next Chiefs coach." And he states that pretty clearly on his blog. The article goes on to cite a league source who says there is "no way" that the Chiefs could have been near a deal given their obligations under the Rooney Rule.

That's quite a change in tone. Perhaps the ESPN Ombudsman checked in on Mort's "privilege" policy.

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