Saturday, April 25, 2009

Oh the Horror...

I put on my Lombardi cap and called it. In the second round, the Raiders take an unknown safety who ran a 4.43: Michael Mitchell from Ohio.

Just watched ESPN review the pick. Berman and Young sat there leafing through Mel Kiper, Jr.'s 2009 Draft Guide. "Where is he? We don't even have a highlight on this guy!"

Kiper: "I have him rated as the 73rd safety in the draft - but he could have been as high as 40th. He's a priority free agent."

Young: "What's the earliest the Raiders would have had to pick him to make sure they got him?"

Kiper: "Fifth round."

Ouch. Not the 73rd rated player, the 73rd rated safety. To paraphrase Johnny, "At least we have a few months to get fired up before training camp."

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