Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Nnamdi Dominates ESPN

Look, I don't know why ESPN.com only has two videos (that I can find, maybe I'm just looking wrong or not hard enough; there are a lot of podcasts and radio excerpts though) of Nnamdi Asomugha's two days in and around Bristol, CT. I watched him on the SportCenter Draft Special this afternoon break down the available corners in the draft with Trey Wingo, et. al. But all I kind are these two:

The first one is with Dana Jacobson, and if it featured any other player besides Nmamdi, it might come across as condescending, seeing as they ask him to pronounce other foreign names. But his class overcomes it. He could have gotten indignant, which might have been funny, but he handles himself well and even makes Jacobs look okay.

The second one I found courtesy of Bill Williamson, and it just figures that he would post a video of the Raiders star quarterback opining on whether or not the DENVER BRONCOS should trade up and draft Mark Sanchez. He says they should. Maybe it's reverse psychology? He wants them to waste the draft picks they got along with Kyle Orton on Sanchez, because everyone knows the boy genius develops late round QBs like Matt Cassell.

At least Wingo gives Nmamdi the props he deserves.

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