Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sllaacs Scoop Salacious Story

As Sllaacs pointed out yesterday, Nancy Gay had a good write-up in the Chronicle about Kiffin's press conference during the NFL Owners meetings in Florida.

Both Jerry McDonald (here and here) and Jason Jones (here) covered this, but it looks like the Chronicle is the only local paper to send an actual writer to the event, so props to them. (Jerry McDonald referred to getting the information from a stringer, Walter Villa. That article is good, too.)

Prior to Nancy's column, the best coverage of the press conference was done by's Bill Williamson, both in the Hashmarks blog and in a regular article.

All of these articles put together make me very happy. even has a special "Lane Kiffin" section in rotation on it's front page with Williamson's article, which Kiffin "Sounds like a coach in control."

Speculation? Kiffin says, regarding the rumors, that "where there's smoke, there's fire." And maybe Kiffin really was close to becoming the latest ex-head coach of the Oakland Raiders at some point in the last three months. But what I think happened is that Al and Kiffin had a Frank Exchange of Views at some point. Kiffin said he wanted something (a new defensive coordinator maybe) and Al said "no, you can't have one, you went 4-12," and Kiffin said "it's in my contract, you crypt-keeper looking vampire motherfucker," and Al said, "Here's a letter of resignation, sign it and don't the let the door hit you on the way out, you shit-heel, ungrateful little prick." Lance didn't want to lose $4 Million, so he stayed, and they worked it out.

Along with some new additions, and JaMarcus looking good....I'm excited for the season.


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Sllaacs said...

The Raiders are screwed