Thursday, April 24, 2008

Number Four

No, my Favre tribute still isn't ready. But the Raiders are almost on the clock for their now annual very high draft pick. So who will it be?

Glenn Dorsey - apparently his leg has healed, because it's now accepted that he'll be gone by the time the Raiders draft. With so many guards in Morrison's face last year and a terrible run defense, Dorsey would seem to be an ideal pick. Then again, he's labeled the Raider defensive buzzword of the year: "Three Technique." And Tommy Kelly has been paid to do that job.

Chris Long - if jersey sales are the top priority, Little Howie should be the pick. If stopping the run is the top priority, you could make quite an argument for this pick as well. And DE is somewhat thin this year, potentially getting thinner next year when Burgess finally gets paid.

Vernon Gholston - considered a weight room guy, he's a pass rusher who could combine with Burgess to cause major heartburn. He could also take Burgess' place next year. Apparently has a lot of upside, but could be a bit of a project.

Darren McFadden - the consensus mock draft choice, Kiffin has said we don't need him. Perhaps he is baiting Al into defying him so he can have an electric talent to couple with JaMarcus? I'm not sure why most draft analysts justify this pick with the explanation that Al Davis always picks the flashiest athlete given the Gallery, Huff, and JaMarcus picks - each to fill the team's top need. Maybe if DMC were a CB, but Al's already satisfied his fetish this year with the Hall acquisition.

Sedrick Ellis - for whatever reason he seems to be out of the conversation. But he does fit a big need to stuff the run, and Raider coaches got a good look at him at the Senior Bowl.

Matt Ryan - just kidding.

And then there's the option to trade down...

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John Sousa said...

Didn't Kiffin say he wanted that RB from Arkansas for Xmas? I was never sure if that was really what he wanted or if he was telegraphing interest in the Hoggs job to Nancy Gay.

And JaMarcus both addressed the greatest need AND was a flashy pick.

I'm growing a huge man-crush on JaMarcus.