Saturday, April 5, 2008

Dan Posts from Texas

Just kicked two Broncos fans out of my room.

Continuing her campaign to rename the Hater of the Week Award, Nancy Gay transcribed the complete Lane Kiffin owners meeting interview. More likely, she held the Dictaphone and some intern transcribed it. Either way, it's a good read.

I am happy to see Kiffin finally moving forward as coach. Some questions:
  1. Does this mean Huff will play free safety this year?
  2. Are the McFadden comments legit, a head fake, or Kiffin going on record against what Al Davis secretly wants to do?
  3. How disappointed is Kiffin that they pulled the big trade for Hall?
  4. Are we really supposed to believe Jordan is coming back?
  5. How much of the Lofton hiring was Al covering against/preparing for Kiffin leaving, Al telling Kiffin he'd better watch his back, or a reaction to the miserable WR situation - including Johnnie Lee Higgins' terrible play - last year?

Even if they are Broncos fans, they are going to rent Jet Skis so I should get out of my room...

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john said...

I was just reading that, and about to make a post on it myself. Good work.