Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hater of the Week: Sal Paolantonio

Sal Paolantonio, perhaps best know for being "outraged" that Tony Soprano was watching him on TV during an episode of the The Sopranos, has just written something that's even MORE ignorant:

The Raiders will regret trading for DeAngelo Hall and signing him to a $70 million contract.

So now it's MY turn to be outraged.

Congratulations, Sal, you're our Nancy Gay Memorial Hater of the Week.

The Raiders need help stopping the run, says Sal:

And what did the Raiders get? One of the most overrated defensive backs in recent league history.

One of the great "SportsCenter" highlights of Hall's career is from a game against the Steelers in 2006. You remember that -- when Pittsburgh wide receiver Hines Ward sprinted past Hall for a spectacular 70-yard touchdown catch and run. What's so remarkable about that play? Ward was missing one shoe.

And that play was unusual. Most opposing receivers beat Hall deep while still wearing both shoes.

Wow. Tell us how you really feel. He also has a choice quote from Roy Williams, the leading receiver on the Offensive Juggernaut Detroit Lions. "Everybody pumps him up like he's Deion Sanders. But he's not Deion Sanders."

Hey Sal, did you have to a use a dictaphone to get that quote? Or did you just you type "Roy Williams DeAngelo Hall Deion Sanders Tautology" into Google and cut-and-paste?

Why don't you stick to what you know about: giving weather updates before NFC East games, inspiring backlash Sopranos Episodes, and uni-brow waxing.

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Dan Hauenstein said...

My only concern: Can we sign Asomugha to a long-term deal with $70 mil committed to our #2 CB?

Sal will always be that reporter who phones in his blurb from a payphone outside Veterans Stadium. He makes me sad. Mainly sad that NFL Matchup went from the best show on TV to a boringly-moderated argument over whether RBs or QBs are more important in the game of football.