Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Body Language

It's all over the place that Kiffin told the QBs which one is starting but won't tell anyone else. I saw John Clayton on the 3:00 Sportscenter say that based on Body Language alone, it looks likes McCown's the starter.

Jerry McDonald says pretty much the same thing, noting that "Culpepper's body language suggested he hadn't received good news."

But over at David White's SFGate Silver and Black blog, he says the exact opposite: "Judging by body language, it looks like Culpepper, who was all smiles compared to McCown's sighs, will start his eighth straight season opener.

Both blogs give caveats: McDonald musing that Culpepper could be bummed out about something completely different, and White saying that the Raiders are "more shroud than shield," and that the players may be under orders to "act the opposite of how they feel about getting the news."

I'm choosing to believe Jerry Mac and John Clayton, since David White sounds like a hater with his snarky "shroud" comment, and his stupid "act opposite" conspiracy theory. As much as I'd like to Daunte playing, because McCown just hasn't impressed me, I'm going with the guy--McDonald--who runs a Raiders blog with consistently interesting insider information.

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