Thursday, September 6, 2007

Gene Wojciechowski is a Hater

I'm referring to his "100 NFL Predictions" column that came out today. The following evidence of his residence in the Doucheoisie:

100. What do JaMarcus Russell and Michael Vick have in common?
You mean besides they're both black and were drafted #1 overall at QB? Oh, hardy-fucking-har, neither of them will play this year. I get it...

97. LaDanian Thomson blahblahblah...the Raiders offense can't be that gruesome again, can it?

We get it, LaDanian Thomson is some kind of god, with super powers, and he killed us last year. See how he likes that Norv Turner kryptonite, though. C'mon Gene, as much time as you spent in the Bay Area hating on Barry Bonds this summer, you had to have picked up a paper other than the Chronicle at least once.

Speaking of which:

44. Shawne Merriman will be the Defensive Player of the Year, just like I said last year.
How come there's no sanctimonious editorializing about steroids here? I don't understand how Barry Bonds is a cheating disgrace but Shawne Merriman isn't.

At least Simmons doesn't jinx us by picking the Raiders as his sleeper team, they he way did last year with the Rams.

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dobolina said...

Merriman was suspended for 4 games. Bonds has yet to be suspended.