Sunday, September 23, 2007

SeaBass, Player of the Week

He almost missed a close one...

The RedZone Channel host, he hasn't said his name, asks after the Morrison INT if it was possible to go from being the AFC Offensive Player of the Week to being benched for Brady Quinn in one week.

The answer is not if Lane Kiffin was the coach...

Seriously, at this point, McCown can barely walk. The bomb to Curry was perfect, but at some point you have to be concerned about a player's health, don't you? Morrison returned the ball to the 6. You gotta score a TD there, especially if you're going to let the Browns score a Touchdown on the ensuing kickoff and then fumble the ball on your own thirty as soon as you get it back.

One time, I went to a game and was waiting in line at the Will Call for my tickets, when we saw Jesus standing in line with a biker-chick angel on his arm. Everyone was saying, "You're Jesus, why do you need tickets?"

I hope Jesus is there today and can heal McCown's foot at halftime, or else command Kiffin in his own name to put in Culpepper.

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