Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Something Other Than Quarterbacks

Is Culpepper-McCown a Davis vs. Kiffin showdown? Coming down to economics? Raw talent vs. ability to dig deeper in the playbook? A risk-taker vs. a conservative?

Or is it just a lot of fun with the media to kick off Lane's career?

Either way, it looks like the Raiders are about to wrap up their months of taking a stand vs. rookie salary escalation and JaMarcus can take his seat on the bench.

Meanwhile, there are 50 other players on the Raiders' roster.
  • While I'm thrilled that Morrison appears to be continuing his upward trajectory and Howard seems poised for a breakout, I was pretty impressed with Sam Williams during the preseason. He may come into his own this year.
  • Looks like I was wrong about Madsen. He's a pretty exciting player after all.
  • Did anyone else think Schweigert was headed for a reduced role with the Darius signing? That the Raiders were unwilling to put up with Darius' minor injuries seems to be a major vote of confidence for Schweigert - and for Huff at SS.
  • Higgins did a nice job taking the punt returner job, where Carr had struggled, but I suspect Carr is going to return an kick for a TD sooner rather than later.
  • I can't figure out why Chris Johnson is on the team, either. Kind of annoying that he's wearing Lester's #37.
  • I really like our WRs. This year could get fun...

Is it Sunday yet?

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