Friday, September 7, 2007

Romo Providing Al with "Brain Fuel" Supplements

From Mark Kriegel at FOXSports:

And the shame of it is, at 78, Al Davis doesn't have too many left. In what seems an act of desperation, he reportedly has Bill Romanowski giving him "brain fuel" supplements. Still, despite his protestations, Davis no longer gets around as he once did. And though he remains as famously contemptuous of death as he once was of Pete Rozelle — "Raiders don't die," he likes to say — even his most ardent admirers understand his plight in terms of mortality.
It goes on to quote some crap Parcells said.

Still, this is SHOCKING. Not that Romo's peddling supplements (remember that show on ESPN a few years back that showed his four year-old son with his junior-sized box of vitamins?) but that Al would take anything from that crazy fucker.

Everyone knows the real reason Raiders don't die is the CLOAK OF IMMORTALITY.

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