Sunday, March 1, 2009

For Sllaacs

While the search continues for Raiders Special Teamer Marquis Cooper, finally getting a chance to answer Sllaacs' request to do a post on Alex Smith.

Hey Mikey - 21' center console fishing boat in 6-10' waves?

I guess if Matt Maiocco can do a post on Tom Cable, I can lob something out there on Alex Smith. So I see that while Alex Smith is on his honeymoon, he's been asked to take a pay cut. Still doubtful that this will bring him under the line for Obama's tax increases, but might keep him from adding to the unemployment numbers.

All this Hill-Smith talk reminds me that I watched an NFL Network special on the top 10 QB controversies of all time. Montana-Young ran away with that one. And the other special they showed was top 10 controversial calls of all time. The Raiders were involved in 4 of them. I guess the only question was going to be which is #2 and which is #1:

#2 - Tuck Rule
#1 - Immaculate Reception

But this special was far more satisfying than the last I watched on the Tuck Rule. Jon Ritchie, one of the more intelligent dudes ever to play in the NFL, pointed out several of my favorite anti-Tuck Rule arguments, including the question of how the rule can apply when Brady's left hand touched the ball before he fumbled, and wondering why all QBs don't just run around pump faking and never bringing the ball fully back to their bodies because they would be immune from fumbling. Excellent.

Unfortunately, I've just mentioned the Immaculate Reception on Unk's birthday. Oops! I'm sure Unk could provide a dissertation on Frenchy Fuqua, trapping the ball, and referees consulting with stadium security before ever making the TD call.

Happy Birthday, Unk!

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