Saturday, March 7, 2009

No TO, Confirmed

Maybe there is something to this new leaf Al Davis has turned over in 2009. He has resisted TO temptation, and today Owens took a one year deal to go ruin Trent Edwards' life in Buffalo.

I ran through my mind a lot of justification for why Al was not going to sign TO: his speed is not exactly blazing, Al seems to be making a commitment to youth, and Al gains nothing from showing up Jerry Jones for cutting TO. But I have to admit I was nervous. Sure, we need more talent - particularly at WR - but the lack of cohesiveness and character among Raider players has been a significant contributor to the disaster we've watched this decade.

Perhaps Cable is remaking this team with character guys. Perhaps there is something to that two-game winning streak we are on.

Regardless, as Unk says, "T.O. does not stand for 'To Oakland!'"

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