Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nothing but Right

I'm fond of saying, "When you sign up to be a Raiders fan, you sign up for Al Davis for life." Sure, Al makes life difficult at times. But his grip on the organization just isn't going to change, and I'm not convinced that his grip will loosen beyond the grave.

That being the case, this is shaping up to be a really good offseason in terms of holding onto key players from last year and plugging holes as needed. Al still has something other than money to offer.

Khalif Barnes: "Mr. Davis has a track record of taking care of his own guys and he promised me the same, if I take care of my business on and off the field."

Chris Johnson: "Mr. Davis brought me off the streets in '07 when i first came here and I just wanted to be loyal to him for helping me start my career over. It wasn't nothing but right for me sign back here to solidify the No. 2 corner with Nnam ... We're probably the best combination in the league."

Of course, all of this important stuff is going on while the Lane Kiffin depositions take place. If we didn't have some crazy drama going on there would obviously be something wrong.

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