Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bleacher Report: WTF?

I know I should not let the illiterate ravings of fucking assholes get me bent out of shape, but the Google Alert I have set up to deliver news about the Oakland Raiders keeps bringing steaming piles of shit from the Bleacher Report.

Exhibit A is this horseshit from Ricardo Urriola, "Are You Risking Your Life Attending a Raiders Game?"

He actually writes: "There have even been deaths at Raiders games—some gang related and some not."

Curiously, no evidence is sighted to back this up. There are no police reports, death certificates, quotes from law enforcement or league officials, absolutely nothing but this asshole Urriola's "opinion." He then goes onto say that using this "fan fear tactic can only help the team. Keep it up Raider Nation."

Help the team do what? Keep what up? What the fuck does that mean? We should keep murdering fans of opposing teams?

And we all know what opinions are like; and I guess any asshole can post whatever the fuck they want at Bleacher Report.

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Sllaacs said...

No such thing as responsible reporting anymore.