Thursday, March 19, 2009


The crew (Fred, Kristy, Unk, me) takes a break from whale watching (no, we aren't watching the Women's Final Four - hey!) to catch up on our brackets.

Of the gang here in Hawaii, Fred and Linda have the lead in the early going, tied for 14th place out of 51 brackets in the Lester Hayes NCAA pool. That's tied with Johnny and way way way ahead of Dobolina (Brad Webster), who submitted two brackets, each of which is tied for 48th place. If you added Dobolina's brackets together, he would be tied for 38th place.

My two losses are Cal and Butler. Kristy made the smart move of picking LSU in honor of our franchise QB. I picked Purdue to go a long way in remembrance of Stu Schweigert. Probably better to say it's for our latest Hall of Famer, Rod Woodson.

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