Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cheap Shot of the Week: J.A. Adande

Writing for ESPN.com, J.A. Adande drops this little simile into his account of Kobe's maturation into the leader of the Lakers:

Winning always helps. L.A. is a town that adopted the Raiders, which is like picking up a hitchhiker a mile from a prison. But they were only a year removed from winning the Super Bowl when they got to L.A., and they won a Super Bowl their second year there. So there are still people who miss them more than a decade after they returned to Oakland.

(Emphasis added.)

The Raiders-as-thugs sentiment is nothing new, and indeed at times we Raiders even seem to want to cultivate it (as in the tag line to this blog: Like Rhythm, but Thugged Out). The larger point however, that people in Los Angeles still miss the Raiders, is undeniable; go to any game at the Coliseum and you'll meet people who have driven, flown, or bussed up from Southern California.

In other news, it's been a long time since this blog has been updated. That's okay, since anyone who wants Raiders news can go to Jerry Mac or Jason Jones and get it hot. But my mother-in-law gave me three books: Black Knight: The Story of Al Davis and His Raiders by Ira Simmons, Cruisin' with the Tooz by John Matuszak and Snake, by Kenny Stabler. I've started the Al book; I'll be reviewing it as I go along here while waiting for training to camp. From what I can see so far, it's definitely hagiography, and what Simmons lacks in the prose department he more than makes up for with his enthusiasm for his subject. Snake has the best cover: an overturned Raiders helmet filled with crushed cans of Olympia and PBR.

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