Monday, June 30, 2008

Various Items: Sapp's Retirement, Javon's Judge is a Chargers Fan, and the Awesome Present I Got for my Birthday.


SF Chronicle, really?

The only local sports page to run this article, and they give this headline: "Sapp's Raider experience: 'Dark as a black hole.'"

It goes on to print, in its entirety, an interview Warren gave to Rick Stroud of the St. Petersburg Times on the occasion of his retirement party in Florida. Here's the money quote:

Q. How would you describe your experience with the Raiders?

A: As dark as a black hole. Stuff went on in that organization that shouldn't go on in sports. I don't think there's one person who knows who or what is making the call. Let's just say the Oakland experience is unique. The phone rings quite a bit on that sideline. Insubordination is grounds for termination in any company.

Now, this is not exactly new news to those of us who follow the Raiders with any degree of regularity, except that we're usually told that Al Davis is the who and the what that is making the calls in the organization. At least that's what we're told by the Chronicle's writers, especially when the Raiders fuck something up, that's it's Al Davis who is doing the copulating.

But Sapp's answer here is more cryptic than it is damning. What I would like to know is just exactly what "stuff" went on that shouldn't be going on in sports. Would someone care to do a follow-up? It's not like Warren Sapp is a shy guy, afraid to speak his mind. (In fact, I was a little disappointed when I read that he said he won't be going into television; I always thought he could be to the NFL what Charles Barkley is to the NBA.) And just what does he mean "Insubordination is grounds for termination in any company?" Is this a shot at Kiffin? Is he explaining why Norv and Art were fired? Again, a follow-up would be nice.

Jason Jones let's us know that Pete Brisco is a hater (and as a hater, deserves to have the "P" of his last name changed to a "B" so that it's alliterative with "BIOTCH"), and has some interesting news on the Javon Walker case:
In more Raider-hater news, the judge in the Walker case admitted to being a Chargers fan. It the trial is somehow pushed back to where Walker has to appear in court Thursday, Dec. 4 (When the Raiders play at San Diego) you know why.
That's why we love Jason Jones here at CLOAK OF IMMORTALITY. Keep up the good work.

Finally, Friday was my birthday. Saturday I had a little pool party at my mom's condo complex's pool. Best give, maybe ever: a JaMarcus Russell authentic Jersey. My brother and the Professor teamed up on this one.



Anonymous said...

That Russell jersey you cherish so much will, one day, end up on this website:

john said...

Wow, we have our first anonymous hater, too scared to even use an alias, less we deduce who he/she is by adding "Hater + retard alias."

Dan Hauenstein said...

Webster, you've really got to learn how to post under your name. For God's sake it says, "Choose an identity" right between where you write the comment and where you click "Publish!"

My attempted Sapp translation: "It sucks losing so much. And in Oakland, the coaches have no power. At any given time we never knew whether the coach or Al was making the call. And you can't very well ignore Al's orders, no matter how crazy they seem and even if they come while you are in the middle of a game."

Happy Birthday, Johnny! I love the Russell jersey now that he's down under 300 lbs.

john said...

Is Webster just bitter because he got stuck with a Green Bay Javon Walker jersey?

dobolina said...

It doesn't matter--I finally figured out what my username and password are.

As for Walker, he's your problem, amongst numerous other problems, now.

Even Al Davis is doubting the Raiders' offseason.