Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Replacement Officials and the NFL: Amazing, Lame, Epic Failures.

What a game yesterday.  I understand that NFL is in business negotiations right now, and using Scab Officials is necessary to teach the regular officials to bow down.  Screws the fans though, and if you hear/see some player quotes from the Green Bay Packers - then you know that some players feel screwed also.  Our own President weighed in on it - and you would think he would be able at some point to spur these NFL assholes into giving the Officials some damn Vacation Time and some fucking health benefits.

The NFL will simply deal with this for now, maybe in the hopes that the Replacements will learn under fire and in 3 - 4 weeks some will be ready to permanently replace some of the dudes on strike.  That happens (Replacements being kept) and all of a sudden the League will have a watered-down fraternity of Officials and a better bargaining position.

I feel for Green Bay, but they're the one's that coughed up 8 sacks in the first half and only led Seattle by 5 measly ass points at the end of the game.    I mean damn, the Pack had the ball with 2 minutes left and the lead, then tried to fumble the ball away on first down. Failing at that, they ended up punting from their own 5.  They reaped what they sowed - even though anyone and everyone with eyeballs that are functional could tell that TD "catch" was total bullshit. It was an interception.

And of course the replay decision was faulty.  Much like the "Tuck Rule", unheard of until the Raiders played the Patriots in the the AFC Championship - yesterday, a blatant pass interference call cannot be overturned by replay - even though the NFL replays and reviews ALL Touchdowns - and the receiver get's a reception because it was simultaneously caught.  What?  WTF?  The freaking wide receiver (Golden Tate - "Golden"?  Really?) was draped over the back of the DB (M.D. Jennings) who clearly intercepted the damn ball. 

Back in the day the Raiders got robbed - nay:  assraped in a Championship game (and that call was made by "Real Officials")  - so regular season game 3 doesn't quite hold the same signifigance, but the absurdity of the calls are quite similar - replacement officials or not - because the NFL is backing both of those horribly shitty calls.  Amazing.

I love how one official signalled Touch Back and the other signalled Touchdown - and they went the TD signalling asshole 10 mother-loving minutes later.  They had to drag 11 Green Bay players back out onto the field to defend the extra point.  Lame. 

I like how the NFL was like: "Uh, Yeah...  Call was messed up, they should have called P.I., but they didn't and so that was a simultaneous catch, so yeah...  TD.  Suck it Packers".  Epic Fail.