Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Raiders Back in Black - A Hole, That Is.

A rough beginning for Da Raida's, no doubt.  0-2 is never pretty, and the new coach has effected a Zone Blocking Scheme that doesn't seem to fit the current personnel.  Frank Pollock and Greg Knapp have their work cut out for them if the Raiders are going to turn around the 2 yards per carry that Darren McFadden is averaging through 2 season-opening losses. And what of the baby-faced head coach, Dennis Allen - what's the over/under on his termination date?  I say 1-7 is the win-loss record that gets him canned. And I also say that this is a perfectly approachable record for the Raiders this season.  Let's take a look at the remaining schedule for the 2012 Oakland Raiders:

Having already lost to the Chargers and the Dolphins, here is what awaits the 0-2 Raiders:

09/23 Steelers vs Raiders ‎- Loss - Ben Rothlesberger.

09/30 Raiders vs Broncos ‎- Loss - Peyton Manning

10/14 Raiders vs Falcons ‎-Loss - Matt Ryan - "Matty Ice".

10/21 Jaguars vs Raiders ‎- Winnable -  I didn't say "Win", but winnable.

10/28 Raiders vs Chiefs ‎-Another Winnable - but I say Loss

11/04 Buccaneers vs Raiders ‎-Loss -  Vincent Jackson

11/11 Raiders vs Ravens ‎-- Loss - Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

11/18 Saints vs Raiders ‎-Loss - (see above - Raiders vs Ravens)

11/25 Raiders vs Bengals ‎-Winnable

12/02 Browns vs Raiders ‎- Winnable

12/06 Broncos vs Raiders ‎-Loss - P. Manning playing for a postseason berth? 

12/16 Chiefs vs Raiders ‎- WIN -  that's right, probably for only the 2nd time this year.

12/23 Raiders vs Panthers ‎-Loss - most likely Cam Newton authors a soul-searing blow-out.
So I see about 3 to 5 wins for the Raiders this season (Hope Springs Eternal) with most of those wins coming in the second half - long after the Oakland team is 1-7 or 0-8. 

Damn. Kind of miss the "Bully" that Hugh Jackson was "Building" right now, eh, Raider Fan?

-  Sllaacs

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