Monday, September 24, 2012

And the Raiders Win!

Quite the game, Sunday.  Quite the game indeed.  Really a must-win game at this point in the season and despite Ben Rothlisberger going unchecked throughout - the Raiders win the stat that matters the most in Football - Turnover Ratio.  4 bumbles by the fumbling Steelers, two of which Oakland Recovered.

As expected, Rothlisberger had a great game, and as hoped for by all Raiders fans Carson Palmer also had a great game - with an early pick the only blemish on his game performance.

With the return of Denarius Moore the loss of DHB may not be a killer, but having both of those guys in the lineup is going to look good with the way Palmer played against the Steelers and really the way the Raiders QB should play all season.  Darren McFadden looks fit as expected, so the Raiders offense should at least be as good as it was last year, unfortunately the Defense is likely to be as bad as it was last year, which leads me to expect a loss next week against Denver. 

Dennis Allen is a former Defensive Coordinator for Denver and would seem to have an edge that other teams may not have against the 0-2 Broncos this season, but with Peyton Manning throwing, and both defenses prone to cough up an assload of yardage, this game is likely to be high scoring.

Besides, I only expect the Raiders to go 1-7 for the first half - leading to Allen's ouster, so this is a game that Oakland will have to lose.

- Sllaacs

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