Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kiffin Speaks!

So the DeAngelo Hall deal is done, and the Raiders released a statement from Lane Kiffin:

“We’re very pleased about the acqusition of DeAngelo Hall to the Raiders," said Raiders Head Coach Lane Kiffin. “This, following offseason signings of Tommy Kelly, and Gibril Wilson, we feel have one of the most talented defenses in the league.”

After all the rumors, too many to link to here, of Kiffin being out or having his role reduced, the speculation about which exploded when he didn't make any statements about any of the previous signings, this is music to my ears.


Dan Hauenstein said...

One could read this in a number of ways. Taken literally, Kiffin could be saying, "Our defense would have been fine last year if it weren't for Kelly's injury, poor tackling in the secondary, and instability at one corner position." Or, "Rob Ryan, no more excuses." But more likely it is just a statement from the Raiders to say, "Our head coach is involved."

John Sousa said...

Either way, the "Head Coach is involved" is a true statement.