Thursday, March 20, 2008

Update #1: Half day 1

Already eight games have been played and no upsets. If you speak tourney lingo this apparently has something to do with chalk. We have 11 brackets that have a chance to remain perfect throughout the tournament. 2002 Champ took a page out of AAA Bail Bonds' book and appears at the top of the list that includes Alan Hsu, Charity and Dean Sutherland, Diane (Richard) Rydelius, Eric Johnson, Haen, Jeremy Bloom, my mom, Matt Fiedler, and Rico. Speaking of 2002 Champ, here's a trivia question:

In what year did the Vikings last win the NFC North?

2007 Champ, aka Charity Sutherland, continues the chalkish choosing method that carried her to victory last year. Her final score may not be high, but it will likely be higher than all of ours. At this rate it will be several times higher than Jennifer Hannis' (hey English majors, do you add an s to that or not?) score, which sits at an incredibly low 14, or 1.75 per game played. She is at the Bottom of the Heap.

Possible upsets on the way - as I write this K State leads USC and my neighbors to the north are tied with Duke. Maybe there is something to this idea of banning smoking in people's own homes after all. Or maybe this Belmont is not in California at all.

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