Monday, December 3, 2007

Best. Day. Ever.

So I went to the game yesterday. By now, both readers of this blog know what happened: the Raiders won 34-20, JaMarcus got some action and looked good doing it, and Josh McCown looked like an honest-to-God NFL quarterback.

I'm not even really going to write a whole lot. We took some pretty great pictures that I want to share.

This guy set his DJ booth up on the back of a cargo van that was backed right up to where we had parked. He was kicking out the jams all morning. His family or buddies grilled up some bacon-wrapped shrimp that was the best thing I've ever tasted.

Here's the Professor and Baby Lily, who was making her debut at a Raiders game, just like JaMarcus. You can see the flags in the background. Obviously, she's having a good time. Seated in the background, in the Bill Romanowski throwback, is Carl, our designated driver.

Here's the rest of the crew with the DJ setup. The guy in the Michael Huff jersey and the woman in the Jerry Rice hookup were the chefs. I'm sorry I don't remember their names, but everyone in this picture was super nice.

Here's Lily and Me with Gorilla Rilla and his posse.

The guy next to us was pouring tequila shots down the grooves of this huge Ice Block.

So you know I had to try it. It was good.

Here's the band Izzy Ozbourne, in the middle of "Mr. Crowley." Lily was really interested to see
Skylar, the girl playing the keyboards.

This our designated driver, Carl, and his sister Suzanna. Yes, she's a Broncos fan. But, she was a good sport. She took a lot of abuse, nothing too vicious. And she took really great care of Lily, who fell asleep in her lap during the fourth quarter.

She also organized the festivities, having Carl pick us up at 6:30 so we could get to the House early and get a prime tailgate spot.

This is probably my favorite picture of the day:

Lily and me watching the band. At one point the Professor thought it might be too loud, I should take Lily away, but she got really pissed and started yelling "Go BACK!"

She's a rocker, just like her mom.

Everyone was really great to her, especially when they found out it was her first game.

We can't wait to go back.


Dan Hauenstein said...


Are you wearing a limited edition Jerry Porter jersey in those pictures?

john said...

That's my T. Brown throwback. The limited addition JP jersey is $200,000.

Kristy Hauenstein said...

I think we need Lily at all the home games!

Sllaacs said...

Do you have to pay for the tailgate food and drank?

Lily is beautiful as is her mom, and you look like you dropped a couple.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you spelled my name right! Thanks for not doggin'...I'm surprised you didn't post the picture of Carl throwing me over the balcony.

I had such a great time! I can't wait to do it again, but not a Broncos time I wanna blend in.

Unknown said...

i like how in the second pic when you introduce me as the designated driver im drinking a beer hahah

Unknown said...

hahaha never mind its a coke lol