Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We Had Fun Anyway

Sunday's game in Green Bay turned out quite similar to the game in 1993 - a blowout. Three positive things I can say:
  1. The Raiders made it a relatively compelling game until about 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter
  2. I wore so many layers (6) that I didn't freeze
  3. Damn those Packer fans are nice people

I'll leave analysis comments off this post and stick to the pictures. We had a blast!

My buddy Mitch hooked us up with the tickets. They don't exactly give away Packer tickets at the local grocery store to beat the blackout rules (I can recall them doing that in Houston when I lived there). In true Wisconsin fashion we got things started at 9:30 am with a very cold Miller Lite. (You can see I went with the away Lester Hayes jersey for luck).

Kristy wore her Bo Jackson jersey, so it was fitting that they were giving away Tecmo Bowl T-shirts at the tailgate.

On our way into Lambeau alongside the Packer faithful.

Lesters were ready for the game (with a few layers of padding around the middle)...and so were the Bos! (Not so much padding around the middle!)
We saw quite a few Raiders fans at the game. Even the Packer fans remarked at how many Raider fans had shown up. We all seemed to enjoy each other - perhaps the lack of a division rivalry helped. And in our informal poll we found the majority of Raiders fans in attendance to be from the LA area. One Packer fan even asked what part of LA we were from! (They were quickly corrected...)
GREAT SEATS - thanks Mitch!
By this time I was getting a lot of sympathy from Packer fans, as well as a number of not particularly clever smart-assed jokes courtesy of the extremely talkative pair seated behind us.
Sapp agreed with Kristy and me that the Packers were getting a lot of home cookin' early in the game.
As we left the game, Mitch was hoping he'd be able to buy tickets to the NFC Championship game, while I was hoping for a mug of hot chocolate.
Until next time!


john said...

Awesome pictures.

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures Dan and Kristy! Of all the opponents we have sat next too over the years, you were the best! :) Happy Holidays - Mitch's "Little" sister