Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Knocking Some Sense Into JaMarcus?

According to Willie Brown, now un-retired and in charge of "eliminating some problems for Tom," (after all, he was in the room when Randy Hanson fell out of his chair), JaMarcus actually has been working out in Arizona under the supervision of a former Raiders player. Rumor has it that player is Eddie Anderson.

I have always had a fondness for defensive backs, and it is no secret that Lester Hayes is my favorite player of all time. But during the late '80's / early '90's Eddie Anderson was my man. As a vicious hitter at free safety, he brought intimidation back to the Raiders defensive backfield, and has never been replaced. In fact, during high school I replaced my school ID picture with Eddie Anderson's. I found this amusing.

At any rate, if there's one guy capable of knocking sense into JaMarcus, Eddie might be able literally to do so.

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