Sunday, March 28, 2010

JaMarcus in Vegas

My buddy is in Vegas this weekend and snapped this picture at the Palms Casino of JaMarcus Russell shooting craps.

My friend then apparently followed him around for a while, because he gave me these details:
The palms casino. Played craps from 3:30 to 5:30 Saturday morning. Small posse of 3. Went white t shirt gold chain (yellow diamonds). Staying at palms for jay z concert tonight. That dude is not 260. More like 300 bills easy. I will give you more updates when I have more. Rollin in Cadillac escalade. Dropped some major coin shopping. At least 20 bags.
With Adam Schefter saying JaMarcus weighed in at 290, my buddy's 3 bills does sound pretty easy.

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Dan Hauenstein said...

Are his teammates still working out in Alameda? Can we get a zoom?

JaMarcus boggles the mind.