Sunday, January 24, 2010

Off Season

Has been a while since I've posted, but during my travels over the holidays and January I haven't been able to figure out what the heck is going on. Thankfully, the team proved again today why they consistently rank last in the NFL in PR savvy. As Raider fans, we would absolutely love to see some glimmer of hope that Al Davis recognizes his mismanagement in recent years and is going to make some effort to fix it. Instead, after suffering through weeks of uncertainty over whether we'll have a coach in 2010, we get this (from the AP story):

"The Oakland Raiders denied a report by ESPN on Saturday that they have made a decision to bring Tom Cable back as coach next season."

Gotta love it. Little to no reaction to thousands of head coach rumors that undermine and humiliate Cable (not to mention Raider fans), but the second Adam Schefter taps Al Davis's knee with that little rubber mallet, Herrera comes out kicking with the denials. Meanwhile, Al continues to hire and interview assistant coaches whose employment, if Cable is not retained, will undermine and/or scare away the next guy.

Since Schefter has a much better track record of accuracy than Herrera, the news looks good for Tom Cable and for Raider fans.

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