Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ok, I'm slightly relieved that this whole offseason of coach indecision could, in the end, just add an up-and-coming offensive coordinator and an apparently decent defensive line coach to the staff. But after shaking my head at this article a few times, two quotes bear repeating.
  1. Hue Jackson: "It's a chance to go out and assist the head coach..." Not Tom Cable, the head coach.
  2. Tom Cable: "I think it's a good decision by the organization." By the organization. Not the head coach. He's basically just observing as his (as of today) offensive coordinator is hired.
So here we sit undecided on Cable as head coach while the owner makes quite possibly the most important hiring on the coaching staff. Who does that?

And for another rhetorical question, did we really expect anything to change?

Our new offensive coordinator had this to say about his new job:
"The challenge with going to the Oakland Raiders and helping them become what they want to become is exciting. That's what you look for. I want to run to the challenge."
I wish you luck, Hue. The bottom line is that 2010 - like 2009 - will be highly dependent upon the development of JaMarcus Russell. As such, I haven't renewed contact with the Raiders ticket office just yet.


John Sousa said...

I didn't read too much into the "organization" comments. Presumably, he's a part of the "organization," isn't he? The only time I distinctly remember him pointing out his head coach status is when he benched JaMarcus. But the fact remains I've been discouraged pretty much since they called Rich Gannon a Terrorist.

Dan Hauenstein said...

Yeah, I guess. And based on the interview that Jerry posted, Cable is saying he's the coach in 2010, even though the Raiders are still evaluating. It's just crazy.

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