Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Can JaMarcus pull a Vince Young?

You know, getting benched, and then coming back a season later and taking your team on a five-game winning streak with sensational last minute finishes? That's the subject of a Bill Williamson post.

Well, I think part of the question is answered in Paul Gutierrez's blog item yesterday.
Cable was asked what he has seen in Russell since his demotion.

"I don't really see any change whatsoever," Cable said. "He's working, doing what he's asked to do. He's preparing like normal. So I wouldn't say there was any change or anything I've noticed."

Not too much of an endorsement, right? Well, what about this, then - have you seen him doing things in his benching that he wasn't necessarily doing before?

"No, I see him staying the course and working," Cable said. "Preparing, the reps he gets, going in and working hard at them, preparing himself in the classroom, all those things that he has to do."

Just shoot me.


Dan Hauenstein said...

I don't see any similarity between Vince Young and JaMarcus. Vince showed a remarkable knack to win from day one. He faltered, got hurt, apparently went insane, but coming back now and doing well is not totally surprising b/c it's how he played his first year.

JaMarcus really has never shown much of a pulse at all.

skinsfan63 said...

I can answer your Header in one short word, NO!!!!!!!!!