Monday, October 12, 2009

We deserve this, Part 2

Some asshole Broncos fan at Bleacher Report has a slide show of reasons why the Raiders suck.

Sure, he doesn't know how to use an apostrophe, and his prose is JaMarcus-bad, but we can't really argue with his descriptions of the unholy trinity, Al-JaMarcus-Tom Cable. My favorite is reason #5: "Your last first rounder has more names than catches."


Dan Hauenstein said...


This is why we hate the Broncos so much whether they have Shanarat or not. Worst fans in the league, with apologies to my in-laws.

Well, unless the mythical San Diego Charger fan exists.

john said...

I know. It infuriates me that we have no real comeback here. Unless, "we don't marry our cousins" counts.

Michael Hauenstein said...

They picked up that "more names than catches" joke on Monday Night Countdown, or one of those other yuk-it-up, ex-player shows.