Sunday, October 25, 2009

This is much more familiar

As Jerry Mac points out, this is the worst home loss ever.

I stopped watching the game a little bit through the third quarter, when the score was 31-0.

I took a shower.

Then, I made some bloody marys, one for me, and one for my host.

That was seriously the most pathetic game I've ever seen. For those of you back home in the Bay Area, you're lucky the game was blacked out. The crowd was pathetic; I've seen bigger crowds at a mid-week A's game. At a day game.

Which is, of course exactly what the Raiders deserve at this point. Without defending JaMarcus Russell, we learned, when Gradkowski came into the game, the the problems run so much deeper than our obese quarterback.

Al Davis, you are a sad old man. This is what the Greatness of the Raiders has been reduced to: they lose 38-0, and almost nobody cares.

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