Sunday, August 2, 2009


Training camp is on, so I'm feeling way overdue for a post. There's all the big questions - Bronco Bill pointed out the obvious ones in his Camp Confidential (though Johnny rightly complains that the QB controversy is overblown. Since when is putting a little competitive pressure on someone a bad thing? "He needs to feel relaxed..." Huh?). But a few smaller ones are cropping up as well.

What is going on at linebacker? Last year's strongside starter Ricky Brown remains the second team middle linebacker after signing a healthy contract in the offseason. And he's apparently playing with the ones on the goal line. Jon Alston, meanwhile, seems to be the guy at SLB. Is Alston that much improved? Is this a little competitive pressure for Morrison in the middle? Might there be actual personnel changes in addition to all of this "better teaching" in order to stop the run in 2009?

What goes on in Javon Walker's head? Apparently he had experimental surgery and cannot even divulge where it took place. Either he will continue getting crazier and will find a way to sit out the entire year collecting his guaranteed money, or maybe we'll have a gift of a good receiver on our hands.

Is Tommy Kelly aiming for perfect snap anticipation? He jumps offsides every play. If he hones this skill by week one he'll be an incredibly disruptive second year away from ACL surgery force on that defensive line. If not? Well, he has a lot of money.

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