Thursday, July 9, 2009

Camp JaMarcus

The NFL Network, now apparently without Adam Schefter (where'd he go?) has a report on JaMarcus' passing camp in Alabama. Talk about leadership, he's paying for at least three guys to fly out there to work out.

Warren Sapp has some interesting comments, though, after the report, saying that Goldmember might have a chance, since he's working out in Oakland. He's always been a big JaMarcus booster, though. (hat tip Jerry)

But yo, Where's the embed function?

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Dan Hauenstein said...

Adam Schefter is joining ESPN in mid-August. This is merely the inevitable next step in Schefter's evolution from insightful and valuable news-breaker to opinionated and a bit too-big-for-his-britches minor celebrity to squawking and horribly irritating jackass.

That last one is what happens to everyone once they've been on ESPN for a couple of weeks. [See also: Jaws]