Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oakland Raiders: Global Icons

Bill Williamson links to this story in the Malay Mail about AirAsia's sponsorship of the Raiders.

Look at the picture of the jet with featuring Raiders players. According to the current roster, the players featured are Nobody (there is no #1 currently listed; in fact I don't think they ever give out that number), Quarterback Danny Southwick (#6, from Occidental college; not sure why he looks like a linebacker about to drill someone--maybe this photo was taken just after he threw a pick), and Safety Jerome Boyd (#30, rookie from Oregon, apparently returning an INT).

I think it's cool; as Williamson says, the Raider Nation really is international. Maybe from now on, we should call ourselves the Raider Internationale or something. There are too many "nations" these days, anyway. It's become a cliche when even NASCAR drivers refer their fans as "Earnhardt Nation."

Hopefully, this picture of the jet is a mock-up. Because what they should do is feature some of the stars; at the very least, Nnamdi should be up there. I'd put Nnamdi, JaMarcus, and McFadden on that jet.

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Dan Hauenstein said...

#1 looks like JLH. Maybe Al is looking for a stadium deal in Malaysia.

I agree we need to go beyond Nation. Saw a proposal to "reinvigorate the Lotus Nation" at work yesterday.