Sunday, May 17, 2009

Citizen Unk

This weekend we are in the San Joaquin Valley celebrating Lennis Scheline, a.k.a. Unk, as Kingsburg, CA's "Citizen of the Year." He is certainly one of the CLOAK readers of the year, as well. Yesterday our very own dignitary got a ride down Draper Street in this jewel of a Firebird:

Robert Gallery was not in attendance.

We then put on our game faces for a picture in front of the maypole.

You may notice the "Citizen Unk" artwork on my custom T-shirt. CLOAK contributor Brad Webster, a.k.a. dobolina, is the artist.

And finally, as David White can attest, no trip to the Valley is complete without a visit to Sal's for a Fancy Burrito.

Congratulations, Citizen of the Year!

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Michael Hauenstein said...

That's a good-looking maypole!