Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Birthday, Al!

Thanks to Jerry McDonald for pointing out that today is Al Davis' birthday. Why is this not surprising that he was born on the 4th of July? I didn't know that until today. I guess I should have.

One question, is that a coincidence? It's well known that the president of the United States can pardon criminals and commute sentences of anyone he wishes; but can he bestow eternal life? Of course not.

Al Davis apparently can.

It's called THE CLOAK OF IMMORTALITY. He most recently bestowed it upon John Madden at his Hall of Fame induction. The first time I heard him use the term was in a statement after Bill King passed, saying,

"I say this with great admiration and love that Bill becomes one of the people that I give the cloak of immortality. Time never stops for the great ones."

That's why we named this blog "CLOAK OF IMMORTALITY." As a tribute to a football genius, a rebel, a god amongst men with the ability to stop time.

As Jerry points out in his post, the lawsuits are over, it's time to win some football games.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Davis. That cloak fits you well.

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